This is Medicine Hat

“The new single "Sadie" from Alt Roots Rockers Medicine Hat oozes California Desert Cool. Hypnotic two part harmony vocals set against a Buffalo Springfield-esque concise backing track with just the right amount of Jangle!”

~ Robert LaRoche, The Sighs

“…It is a more than enjoyable listen bolstered by some crisply delivered duel lead vocals that sit with passion and precision amidst the waves of overdriven country tinged guitars, thumping bassline low end grooves, dynamic live kit drumming backbone, intense and immersive storytelling lyricism, plenty of push and pull to the energy/arrangement, organ atmospherics and a clean mix/master. Audibly well crafted. Props are due!” 

~ Music on the Moon (Playlister)

With the fan coined term “Lonesome Desert Rock” as their tag, they continue to win over listeners with their gritty authenticity.

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